About CompoTec enterprise

Welcome to the ‘CompoTec – composite technologies’ website! My name is Marcin Krugły. I’m an aerospace engineer as well as RC model enthusiast. I have over a dozen years of experience within aviation industry. My adventure with composites started in 2001 while working at production of PW-5 “Smyk” gliders. Within my Poland based private enterprise ‘CompoTec – composite technologies’ I specialize in manufacturing of epoxy based composites. Our main products are composite sheets made out of carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber (Kevlar®) as well as combinations of these reinforcements. I developed proprietary composite sheets manufacturing process. Because of this offered sheets have double smooth (gloss or matte) surface finish with lower mass and better strength & stiffness than possible to obtain with regular vacuum bag or infusion methods. Our sheets offer i.e.: zero pinholes, optimum reinforcement-to-fiber ratio as well as capability of using high temperature resistant resin systems. Due to superb quality CompoTec carbon fiber sheets are used not only to build RC models and drones, but also to make exclusive jewelry.

Our composite sheets are made in a single step RTM process (not glued from two halfs) and have maximum size of A2 format or 594 x 420mm (23,38 x 16,53in) with thickness range from 0.35mm (0.0137in) to 5mm (0.2in). Higher thicknesses are available on individual order.

We do have our own 1000 x 500mm (39,37 x 19,68in) CNC router, thus offer CNC cutting of any elements from our carbon sheets. Being composite sheets manufacturer and CNC machining source at the same time, we can offer very competitive pricing for final components!

‘CompoTec – composite technologies’ unique specialty is manufacturing of precise carbon sheets under thickness of 0.5mm (0.020in) dedicated to making reed valve petals used in two stroke engines. We provide high quality material for do-it-yourself cutting of reed valve petals. We can also make to shape any reed vale petals for all kinds of two stroke engines: scooter/motorcycle, water scooter, snow scooter, boat or paraglide. Our composite reed petals are intensively tested and meet customers’ expectations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding our offer. We do speak fluent English and looking forward to cooperate.

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